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Unofficial Results of NSCA Delegates Election

The election of NSCA National Delegates for the 2023-2024 term is almost complete, and unofficial results are determined. One state, Utah, requires a run-off election for a position, and it will be conducted immediately.

Because of the low number of candidates for many of the positions available, several write-in candidates have been elected, pending their acceptance of the positions. Some positions will remain unfilled because there were insufficient candidates, and write-in candidates did not receive enough votes to be elected. Any person, whether a candidate on the ballot or a write-in candidate, must have at least five votes to be elected.

Some members cast multiple votes; please be aware that no duplicate votes were counted, nor are they ever. Duplicate votes are identified, documented, and voided from the results. In states that were contested, either by candidates on the ballots or write-in votes, every single vote was vetted to ensure that the person voting was an eligible voter. Since voters must be current, paid NSCA members, we documented and voided any votes by CLMs, non-members, expired members, NSSA members, and those who voted in the wrong state. If the results of your state had a close vote count, be assured that the results have already been audited, and every vote counted was an eligible vote.

Results will be considered official following the Utah run-off election and once all write-in candidates have accepted positions to which they were elected. Results will be updated at that time.

The term of all new Delegates will be January 1, 2023, through December 31, 2024. In the attached results, highlighted names are the winners.

See the Unofficial Results of the 2023-2024 NSCA Delegates Election.


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