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The 2015 PSCA Tour kicks off this week, and as a preview of the first stop of the year SportingClaysUSA.com presents “Top 5: Pros to Watch”, featuring young stars, breakout performers and seasoned veterans as the first event of the year approaches. There are new faces on the tour this year and a new format and makeover. In it’s second year the PSCA Tour has many bright stars to keep an eye on….


BillMcguire Bill McGuire

Speaking of seasoned veterans, year after year Bill McGuire, one of the nicest men in Sporting Clays, is on top of the leader board. Bill’s infectious smile and warm personality instantly make you feel as if you’ve know him your whole life. Bill finished as the 2014 NSCA Championship Tour Champion and is having an impressive 2015 so far taking the 2015 North Central Regional title, and finishing 2nd in the world’s richest sporting clays tournament the 2015 Nad Al Sheba. Bill has been around the block and on top for a while, he’s no stranger to the pressure of competing on a major stage and he is poised to have an impressive 2015 Tour.

derrDerrick Mein

Derrick grew up on a small farm in southeast Kansas and began shooting at the age of eight. Earlier this year he owned the World stage and became the 2015 Nad Al Sheba Champion earning more money by winning a single Sporting Clays tournament than had ever been won in the history of our Sport. Derrick has made a habit of hitting some of the hardest targets imaginations could dream up and making it look easy in the process. Derrick will be a real force on the tour this year and is one to watch at every stop.

GMGebben Miles

Gebben was the pro to beat last year, winning 3 of the 4 2014 PSCA Tour stops and becoming the inaugural PSCA Tour – Fiocchi Cup Champion.  Gebben’s work ethic and travel schedule is hard to rival, teaching more than 40 weeks of the year. Many know Gebben from having one of the best years in Sporting Clays history in 2014, after becoming the first champion of the Nad Al Sheba in Dubai, dominating the 2014 PSCA tour and earning his spot as the captain of the 2015 NSCA USA Sporting Clays Open and FITASC Teams! Gebben shoots for a higher cause and routinely holds Shooter fellowships and Bible studies at some of the largest shoots in the country throughout the year. You cannot compile a list of shooters to watch on the 2015 Tour and not mention Gebben’s name.

jbJoey Bolton

Joey Bolton capped off the American Domination that was the 2015 Nad Al Sheba, finishing 3rd in the world’s richest shoot. Joey is a 10 time All American and has proven himself to be cool under pressure.  Joey is one of the youngest competitors on the Tour and the new format the PSCA has rolled out could suite his style of shooting . Joey is certainly a Pro to watch as the 2015 Tour begins at Northbrook.

desiDesi Edmunds

Would this list be worth it’s salt if we didn’t have perhaps the most prolific Ladies shooter in the last 2 years on it. The girl on fire, Desi Edmunds has been a regular atop the leader boards, challenging the top male shooters every target. Ladies 2nd at the 2014 Nad Al Sheba, 2014 Inaugural PSCA Ladies Tour Champion, 2015 World English Ladies Champion, 2015 North American FITASC Ladies Champion and the list of accomplishments continues.  The new format the PSCA has rolled out could benefit many of the top shots and Desi is no stranger to the format. She could very well repeat as our PSCA Ladies Champion.


There are many other names you can put on this list, Zach Kienbaum coming off his win at the GA State shoot, Brandon Powell after his victory in the North American FITASC, International shooting stars Richard and Tanya Faulds, or Will Fennell who seems more determined than ever to leave his mark on the tour. The great news about our sport is we have many stars and they should all be fun to watch!


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