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Sponsor a USA Sporting Clays Team Member

Written by Sherry Kerr

The USA Sporting Clays Team is facing a funding challenge in 2021: high travel costs with two world events being held in Europe, and a shortfall in resources after many funding sources were canceled in 2020. To make it possible for the team members to be fully funded as they represent the NSCA and USA in international competition this year, NSCA is encouraging members and fans of the team to sponsor a team member.

National and World Champion Anthony Matarese, Jr. is leading the campaign to gain sponsors for the team:

Dear friends,
As you know, a spot on the USA Sporting Clays Team is the highest honor an NSCA member can earn. Our support of the Team allows 43 of our best competitors to represent our country and our sport each year at the World Sporting and FITASC championships. The Team is special to many people and is respected around the world.

But the USA Sporting Clays Team did not escape the negative effects of 2020. Many regular sources of support fell through or were cut back, leaving us short on funding for 2021. While we want to continue to send our absolute best to represent the United States and the NSCA, these challenges have made it impossible to finance this year’s team without jeopardizing the Team’s long-term finances and future.

It costs roughly $3,500 to send a USA Sporting Clays Team member to a competition. I do not believe that it is fair or acceptable to only partially fund the Team members’ participation, given their hard work, dedication, and the resources they already have expended to make the team. It is also unfair to spend money to the point that it will affect next year’s Team.

As a former member of the USA Sporting Clays Team and a longtime member of the NSCA Executive Council, I believe that we must fully fund the Team, and we must figure out a way to do so. Therefore, we are asking you to sponsor a Team member’s effort to bring home the gold for the USA.

Your generous donation of $3,500 will cover an individual member’s trip to a world championship, and you will receive recognition for your support. The USA Sporting Clays Team is also a 501(c)(3) organization, which makes your donation tax-deductible.

If you cannot fully sponsor an individual member, a tax-deductible donation of any size would be valued and appreciated. We also would appreciate your passing this along to any others who might be interested in supporting our goal of allowing the very best to represent our country.

As a first step, my range – M&M Sporting Clays – has pledged the first $3,500 toward the team fund. To join our effort, please contact Glynne Moseley at 210-688-3371, extension 251 or, or or myself at [Or click here to go to an online donation form.]

On behalf of the USA Sporting Clays Team, I thank you in advance for your consideration of this opportunity.

Best Regards,
Anthony Matarese, Jr.
USA Sporting Clays Team

Source: NSCA News

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