Open Letter to Our Membership

Below is an open letter to NSSA-NSCA members and governing bodies: February 23, 2018 Further to our letter published […]

Below is an open letter to NSSA-NSCA members and governing bodies:

February 23, 2018

Further to our letter published to NSSA-NSCA membership in January regarding the 2018 winter executive meetings (see “Target Talk” dated January 24, 2018), we feel it is important to keep all members up to date on the latest association business.

Subsequent to the NSCA Advisory Council session in San Antonio, January 19-20, 2018, progress has been made by the Advisory Council members who have signed their Conflict of Interest (COI) form and who have agreed to continue to serve in their duly-elected Advisory Council positions. Under the leadership of Anthony Matarese, Jr., AC members who were not in attendance have been contacted to further discuss details of the required COI form to answer questions and clarify issues in an attempt to reach as many as possible who are interested and willing to continue to support the future of the NSCA by serving on the Advisory Council. We now have a quorum of Advisory Council members who are working on behalf of the membership. Below is the list of all Advisory Council members who have signed the COI form as of February 23, 2018, keeping in mind that anyone who has not signed the COI form will not be engaged in the conduct of NSCA Advisory Council/Executive Council business. Also listed are those who have resigned from their position on the Advisory Council.

Please note that an elected AC member who has not signed the COI form or who has resigned may have done so for reasons unrelated to the subversive activities described on January 24, and you should not infer any specific motive by their resignation or choice not to sign the document.

The current NSCA governance structure specifies a 45-person Advisory Council and an Executive Council. This structure was put into place at the inception of NSCA 29 years ago, prior to the existence of elected National Delegates or State/Regional organizations and when no infrastructure existed. During this period of transition, active Advisory Council members are now undertaking a review of the structure of the governing bodies, as well as a defining charter document for NSCA.

On another topic, last fall the association engaged a consulting firm to inform and guide NSSA-NSCA leadership regarding opportunities and possible plans for future association fundraising activities. NSSA-NSCA has received some generous, unsolicited gifts and has had members express interest in making future gifts to support their favorite missions. The fundraising firm has been tasked with determining what types of programs need to be in place to facilitate that. To gain input and direction from our membership at large, all NSSA and NSCA members recently received a questionnaire by email seeking to collect member views and information. This will help guide future decisions on this topic and provide direction to make such activities more successful for the future of our organization.

As we move ahead on all these activities, we welcome your input and comments. Please feel free to call or email either of us with your thoughts.


Michael Hampton, Jr., NSSA-NSCA Executive Director
210-688-3371 ext. 101

Brett Moyes, NSCA Director
210-688-3371 ext. 124

John Haugh, NSSA President


Signed Conflict of Interest Form

Joel Anders – WI
Russ Arnold – TX
Rollins Brown – FL
John Buttermore – PA
Bryan Buzzi – OH
Chris Cantrell – SC
Frank Challant – MA
John Commerford – VA
Robert Crow III – MD
Kevin Dougherty – TX
Scott Grange – UT
Tim Jewell – KY
Edward Kane – CA
Zachary Kienbaum – TX
Anthony Matarese, Jr. – NJ
Anne Mauro – MD
Linda Mayes – PA
Travis Mears – TX
Jason Miller – PA
Robin Mixon – FL
Jim Montgomery – LA
Brian Palmer – FL
Mo Parsons – TX
Andrew Perkins – MO
Shawn Spindel – OH
Donald Nolen – AR (New)
Kerry Luft – IL (New)


Bradley Alford – TX
Gary Fitzjarrell II – IL
Adam Pinto – UT
Scott Robertson – TX
Brett Seibert – IL



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