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NSSA-NSCA Warns of Phishing Scam

Written by Sherry Kerr

We have just learned that some of our members have received an email that claims to be from NSCA but is not. It claims to be soliciting for “Kelly Recovery Journey” to NSCA members. This is a scam, apparently a phishing attempt to collect your financial information. The email shows a logo from our previous website, and the “from” email address appears to be ours — but it is not. We have also learned that other organizations have been targeted similarly, using the same photo. Here is what you should know:

  • This email is not from NSCA or in any way connected to us.
  • While we have occasionally included mentions of requests for financial support in our Target Talk newsletter, that is the only way you will see that type of request in an email from us. We do not send out independent GoFundMe emails or anything similar supporting a specific cause.
  • If you received this email, do not click on any link. Report it as spam if your email provider gives you this option, then delete it.
  • If you ever receive an email that appears to be from us that you find questionable, do not click on any link. Instead, forward it to skerr@nssa-nsca.com to inquire if NSSA-NSCA sent it.

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