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NSSA Endowment Exploration Framework

At the recent winter meeting of NSSA and NSCA governing bodies, a plan was made to explore a potential endowment program to benefit NSSA and NSCA. A workshop will be held to initiate the effort. President Don Kelly and Past President John Haugh prepared a statement on the plan, inviting interested members to participate:

Throughout the history of our association, our members, members’ families, and friends within the shooting community have donated both real property (e.g., guns) and financial contributions.

Currently, we have ad hoc resources and personnel to properly and legally receive and process these donations.

As a result of 3-5 years of observing NSC staff handle this process, coupled with research from professional fundraising and marketing firms, the NSSA has formed an “Exploration Team” to evaluate the necessity to formalize the infrastructure, personnel, and governance and refine the addressable donor population.

Next Steps:

  • As of January 16, 2020, the NSSA has received private donations or pledges of $75,000 to fund the exploratory effort.
  • The Exploration team is a volunteer, vetted team nominated and selected across both of our disciplines (sporting and skeet).
  • A workshop will be held in March-April 2020 at a location to be determined. We will invite subject matter experts from professional fundraising firms, marketing firms, and our selected NSSA-NSCA volunteers.
  • The workshop will provide the NSSA Executive Committee and NSCA Executive Council a report with recommendations for action to develop an endowment program or refrain from this pursuit.
  • Inherent to the report, if determined we proceeed with an endowment program, the exploration team will define a design, implementation and execution phase, narrowly focused on 18-36 months of the program.

Interested Volunteers and Donors:

If you are interested in participating in the workshop or have a recommendation for consideration, please contact John Haugh at 216-533-4203 or Don Kelly at 920-619-3504 no later than February 15, 2020.

    Donald J. Kelly, NSSA President

    John C. Haugh, NSSA Past President


    Source: NSCA News

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