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NSCA Executive Council Is Elected

NSCA National Delegates have selected 15 of their members to serve as the 2019-2020 NSCA Executive Council. Pursuant to the new NSCA charter enacted earlier this year, Delegates from each region chose three Delegates from the Region to comprise the new governing body. The new Executive Council are:

Northeast Region John Commerford (VA)
Brad Hopkins (MD)
Anthony Matarese, Jr. (NJ)
North Central Region Dr. Paula Benbow (WI)
Brett P. Seibert (IL)
Thomas J. Sweeney (IL)
Southeast Region Rollins Brown (FL)
Joe B. Cantey III (SC)
Rick Hemingway (SC)
South Central Region Gary Greenway (TX)
Ronnie F. Lack (MS)
Jim C. Montgomery (LA)
West Region Raymond R. Czech (NV)
Richard D. Edie (AZ)
Timothy G. Miles (AZ)


Source: NSCA News

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