Nominations Open July 1 for National Delegates

Nominations are will open July 1 for the position of National Delegate for the National Sporting Clays Association for the […]

Nominations are will open July 1 for the position of National Delegate for the National Sporting Clays Association for the 2018-2019 term.

National Delegates assist in the governance of the organization and represent NSCA with the members in your state. You can learn about the responsibilities of National Delegates in the NSCA Rule Book, page 9-11, or at the link below:

See the NSCA National Delegate Manual

You may choose to run for the position yourself or nominate another person. However, if you nominate another member, that person must agree to be a candidate. Any candidate / nominee must have the endorsement of five current members of NSCA from the state he or she would represent. The nominee and the five endorsers must sign the nomination form (below) and provide their member numbers. A nomination is not considered valid without those signatures and member numbers.

Please note that only fully-paid, current NSCA members qualify to run for National Delegate; the position is not open to Complimentary Limited Membership (CLM) or Crossfire members (NSSA members registering NSCA targets). The person being nominated must have shot a minimum of 500 registered targets in the previous year (2016) and 500 during the election year (2017). Elected delegates must also shoot 500 registered targets each year to remain in office. Current National Delegates may run for the office again, but they are not automatically placed on the ballot. The nomination / election procedure is the same as for other candidates.

Delegates are elected to two-year terms to represent each state and other geographic subdivisions of the association. The number of Delegates from each state is determined by the number of NSCA members in the state.

See the number of delegates allotted to each state

Nominations will be accepted by email or fax. Send nominations to Glynne Moseley, gmoseley@nssa-nsca.com, fax 210-688-3014. All nominations must be received by Saturday, July 22.  Once nominations have been received and verified, ballots will be sent to every member of your state for election. Ballots will be distributed by email on August 1 for voting via online ballot.

If you do not have an email address on file, a paper ballot can be mailed to you upon request. Contact Glynne Moseley, gmoseley@nssa-nsca.com or 210-688-3371 ext. 119.

National Delegates serve an important role in the governance of our organization, and we hope you will consider serving the association and your fellow members in this capacity or nominating another qualified individual.

Download the Nomination Form (Word Doc)

Download the Nomination Form (PDF)



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