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New Sub-Gauge Classification Begins in January

Written by Sherry Kerr

Starting January 1, 2021, all designated sub-gauge events will have a separate classification system. This will be one class for all the sub-gauges combined, not a separate one for each gauge.

A sub-gauge event will be defined as any event, except 16-gauge, that is not 12-gauge and that is smaller in diameter than 12-gauge. For these purposes, “12-gauge event” means any event designated as 12-gauge or any general event that doesn’t specify gauge. In case a 16-gauge event is held, it will classify as a 12-gauge event.

All shooters will start the shoot year 2021 one class lower than their 2021 12-gauge class AFTER the 2020 end-of-year review. If the up- or down-classing for 12-gauge is refused, the shooter is also doing so for their sub-gauge classification. This is for the shoot year 2021 only.

All new members after January 1, 2021, will start in E class for sub-gauge, as will all E-class 12-gauge shooters.

There will be NO Master-class shooters in the sub-gauge class to begin January 1, 2021.

Punches will be awarded following the same criteria as written in the NSCA Rule Book for the 12-gauge classification, with the only exception being the number of punches required to move up in class. A shooter will move up in sub-gauge class after reaching the following number of punches:

All rules for classification in the NSCA rule book will apply to the sub-gauge classification, including carry over punches.

There will be no minimum target requirements in sub-gauge designated events.

Sub-gauge classification will be used only for designated sub-gauge events. If the event is not designated sub-gauge, a shooter’s 12-gauge class will be used. If a sub-gauge is used in a non-sub-gauge designated event, it still falls under the 12-gauge classification rules.

Everyone will start the 2021 shoot year with 0 punches in sub-gauge classification. Punches earned in any 2020 sub-gauge designated events will carry over only to your 12-gauge classification.


Source: NSCA News

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