Instructions for World FITASC Registration

The World FITASC Championship will be in the U.S. in 2020, at Providence Hill Farm (Jackson, Mississippi), July 15-19. Registration is managed by FITASC and is a different process than most shooters are accustomed to. Please follow these instructions:


1. Go to https://www.fitasc.com/.
2. Click the British flag in the top right corner for English.
3. Click the big blue button in the top left corner “Entry (clic here) Championship.”
4. Log in OR see second section to create your shooter’s card. Click the British flag for English. If you already have a shooter’s card, go to step 7.
5. Go through shooter registration process.
6. Once created, click the big blue button once again.
7. Scroll down to “You are an individual shooter.” Click the British flag for English.
8. Go through Registration process.
For any questions, please contact FITASC@FITASC.com

Source: NSCA News

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