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Gun/Ammo Option Shoot-Off Participants

Names have been drawn for Saturday night’s National Championship Gun/Ammo Option Shoot-off in the stadium. Five names each have been drawn from the Main Event, K-Kup, 5-Stand, Super Sporting, and FITASC. The five competitors chosen from each event will shoot off in the stadium tonight to see who will win the first place prize gun and second place prize of three cases of 12-gauge ammo. Shooters will be given mulligans based on their NSCA classification:

Master – 0; AA – 1; A – 2; B – 2; C – 3; D – 3; E – 3Participants in the shoot-off will be:


Gregg Wolf – M
Jacob Klinko – C
Lonnie Johnston – M
Luis Gonzalez – E
Ethan Lafferty – A


Steven Mafrige – A
Larry Davis – C
Rock Branson – M
Reanna Frauens – M
Homero Kusulas – A


Terry Reckart – A
Chad Roberts – M
Hayes Garrett – A
Sidney Coffin – D
Grady Reynolds – M


Grady Gibbons – AA
William Rainwater – AA
George Kiker – AA
Joseph Fasulo – M
Russell Thorsheim – C


Larry Davis – C
Rob Reed – B
Justin Fenton – B
Kevin Giles – AA
Macy Ledet – D


Source: NSCA News

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