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End-of-Year Review Process Completed

The 2020 shoot year has been closed out, the end-of-year review completed, and class cards have been prepared. They are now ready for download at

The following criteria are used for the end-of-year review process:

  • All shooters who started and ended the year in the same class and shot a minimum of 500 registered targets or more are eligible for review.
  • All shooters who shot 1,000 registered targets or more in their ENDING class for the year are eligible for review.
  • If a shooter has accumulated FEWER THAN the following required minimum number of punches in their ending class for the year (the aggregate over all gauges) and if their calculated CCFR (Current Class Finish Ratio) in their ending class for the year is greater than 0.600, the shooter will be reviewed and down-classed. The number of punches earned per class, to be down-classed:
      Master Class, fewer than 7 punches;
      AA Class – fewer than 4 punches;
      A and B Classes – fewer than 3 punches;
      C and D Classes – fewer than 2 punches. 

    The CCFR is determined from the total finishes in ending class events divided by the total number of entries in ending class events for the current year (for all gauges), which can be found on the NSCA website and in the individual shooter’s information records (Shooter History).

  • A shooter who has opted out of the end-of-year review will not be reviewed for end-of-year review.
  • Any international shooters will not be down-classed at the end-of-year review.

Remember: A shooter who has been down-classed may refuse the down-class by returning the class refusal form at the bottom of their class card.

Members may download their classification cards and member identification card at Go to the Members tab, select My Home Page, and click on My Credentials.

For any questions about classification, contact Nicki Bowers,

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