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Deadline Extended! Bid on 2022 Super Squad Rotation

The deadline has been extended for 2022 National Championship participants to bid to shoot in the Super Squad rotation. The deadline has been extended to August 22, following the Northeast Regional, to allow members more time to finalize their plans for the National Championship.

The 2022 National Sporting Clays Championship will have a new look that will increase excitement, enhance audience appeal and present new marketing opportunities for the sport’s largest event of the year. With the new Qualified Super Squad Rotation format, shooters meeting strict criteria for qualification will be assigned to the same rotation and same course. Along with making the National Championship a more exciting spectator sport, additional goals of the new Qualified Super Squad Rotation are fairness with weather and wind conditions and enhanced integrity through self-policing of scoring. There is a chance, of course, that all the Super Squad shooters get the worst weather conditions, since they are all on the same rotation. This is an unavoidable risk that still maintains fairness.

Criteria to make “Qualified Super Squad Course Rotation” (for both Men and Ladies):

  • Top three shooters and third-place ties from each of the prior year’s Regional Championships Main Events, Open and Ladies
  • Top three shooters and third-place ties from the past five NSCA U.S. Open Main Events, Open and Ladies
  • Top 15 shooters and 15th-place ties from prior two years’ National Championship Main Event Open Entries, Open and Ladies
  • All-American Open and Ladies First and Second teams from the prior year’s points race
  • World English Sporting Clays and World FITASC Champions from the past five years, Open and Ladies
  • National Sporting Clays Champions from the past 10 years, Open and Ladies
  • 2022 NSCA U.S. Open, World English Sporting Clays, World FITASC and Regional Champions, Open and Ladies

To be eligible for awards, punches, points and money in class or concurrent, those who qualify for the Super Squad Rotation must shoot this rotation. If a shooter chooses not to, their score will not be listed, and they will not receive any recognition, awards or money. Participants who did not qualify to be members of the Super Squad Rotation are still eligible to win the Main Event regardless of their rotation.

Super Squads will be made up of three random draw shooters per squad. The remaining spot on each squad will be auctioned off with proceeds being split between the USA Sporting Clays Teams and an increased prize purse. The Men’s rotation will start at 8 a.m. Thursday, October 27, and end with the 3:30 rotation on Sunday, October 30. The Ladies’ rotation will start at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday and end with the 1 p.m. rotation on Sunday.

On the last day of the National Championship (Sunday), all Super Squad shooters will be re-squadded from lowest to highest and the top 12 shooters from the Super Squads will be re-squadded into three 4-Man Super Squads. The shooters who won the auction spots on all squads will also be randomly re-squadded with new squads for that final day.

Qualified Super Squad shooters have been assigned to squads by random draw. Bidding for the opportunity to shoot with one of the squads is now open through August 22 at 5 p.m.

See the full list of Super Squads.

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Source: NSCA News

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