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COVID-19 Protocols for National Sporting Clays Championship

Written by Sherry Kerr

The NSCA and National Shooting Complex will implement a comprehensive list of COVID-19 protocols to reduce risks and prioritize the safety of our 2020 National Sporting Clays Championship participants, guests, vendors, and NSC staff. Below are the protocols we will follow:

  • We will check the temperature of shooters going into Registration. 
  • All shooters will receive a face mask and a small bottle of hand sanitizer in their goodie bag.
  • Squads will be asked to maintain social distancing in the field, i.e., 6 feet between shooters waiting their turn to shoot. 
  • We will minimize the number of workers and shooters inside Registration at one time.
  • Plexiglass barriers will be used in Registration, the Pro Shop, and Ammo Building to protect the shooters and staff. 
  • Tables and chairs at the Club House and patio are spread out to facilitate social distancing.
  • Masks are required at all times inside any building and in all other areas where social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • We will take the temperature of referees and loaders every morning prior to shooting.
  • There will be no communal water jugs or coolers provided on the field. Instead, staff members will distribute bottles of water on the fields prior to each flight. 
  • To discourage congregation of shooters, there will not be a printed scoreboard. Shooters will need to look online to see the scores or at TVs spaced out outside Registration and at the Club House. 
  • There will be an EMT onsite during all shooting flights. They will be available to take the temperature of anyone who needs it and help as needed for medical issues. 
  • To discourage on-site shopping, we will encourage participants to pre-order event merchandise for pick-up during registration and will have very limited quantities of merchandise for sale at the event. 
  • We will not host social events, i.e., the Hall of Fame Banquet, that do not allow for social distancing.

Source: NSCA News

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