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2021-2022 NSCA Executive Council Elected

The election for NSCA Executive Council members from each region is now completed. Each of the EC members was first elected as a National Delegate from their state. Below are the individuals who will serve on the 2021-2022 Executive Council:

Northeast Region:

Mark Baltazar (NY)
Brad Hopkins (MD)
Anthony Matarese Jr. (NJ)

North Central Region:

Paula Benbow (WI)
Brett Seibert (IL)
Thomas Sweeney (IL)

Southeast Region:

Joe Cantey (SC)
Rick Hemingway (SC)
Sammy McFaddin (GA)

South Central Region:

Russ Arnold (TX)
Gary Greenway (TX)
Ronnie Lack (MS)

Western Region:

Nicolas Berry (CA)
Raymond Czech (NV)
Tim Miles (AZ)

The final phase of the election process for this term is the selection of officers from the Executive Council members, with one officer from each Region. That will take place within the next month.


Source: NSCA News

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