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2020 NSCA Championship Tour Results

Written by Sherry Kerr

The revised event schedule in 2020 meant that, for the first time, winners of the NSCA Championship Tour, Powered by Winchester, were not determined upon the finale of the National Sporting Clays Championship in October. The Southeast Regional Championship was held following the National Championship, December 9-13, finalizing the points race and determining winners.

Congratulations to Anthony Matarese Jr., 2020 NSCA Tour HOA Champion, and other winners in each concurrent and class. Points were earned from three events at a total of six tournaments for 2020: the Main Event, 5-Stand event, and FITASC event at the five Regional Championships and the National Championship. At Nationals, the Krieghoff Kup replaces the 5-Stand event. The U.S. Open is normally a Championship Tour event, but that tournament was a pandemic casualty last year and thus not part of the Tour results.

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